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-All proofs downloadable in online proof gallery within 10-12 business days after the shoot (high-resolution). Please read the FAQ section for what I do during the proofing process. I do not "dump" my memory card into a gallery. I believe in quality control for everyone involved. 

-On the day of: I will go through wardrobe, talk about age-range, types, etc., before we start shooting.

-Rates are for either my studio or outdoor shoots. If you want both, it may be better to book on separate days due to driving, light, etc. Please inquire. A travel fee usually applies to cover driving time and gas.

-LOFT 1923 is a natural light studio, and I do combine with strobe if needed on overcast days. For days where weather is extreme and travel is unsafe, a reschedule is absolutely okay.  

-On-location: If you have an idea for a particular location, please let me know. If you decide to rent a location other than my studio, the rental fee is paid by you. Outdoor locations: we'll need to check permit requirements or be willing to be flexible on the day of the shoot. Again, a travel fee may apply.

- Each session comes with an allotted # of retouches. Additional retouching is $40/photo at anytime after the shoot. Retouches are delivered via email in both high-resolution and web-sized files.

- Timeframes are generally based on shooting times and client doing their own hair/makeup (please arrive hair and makeup ready to go if you're doing your own, except for touch-ups). If you are hiring a HMU artist, this will lengthen the total time of the shoot, although I only charge you for shooting rate (and you will be charged by the stylist for their rate separately).

Please navigate through the other menus for more information on makeup/hair stylists, wardrobe tips, etc.

AVAILABILITY: I typically book 4-6 weeks in advance (if I'm traveling, for example), and there is a waiting list for those who want to get offered something sooner if a session reschedules. 

RATES: PER PERSON. Available per look or per hour:
*couples who want to shoot on the same day: you will need to book your own session.

Pricing per Look: 
*All sessions include a certain number of retouches. After those, it's $40/photo for additional retouches. You can use your proofs as-is without retouching if you'd like (please do not attempt retouching them yourself or adding Facetune/filters onto them. My reputation and my time thank you). 

$550 - 2 Looks
approx 60 mins: 2 photo retouched included

$625 - 3 Looks
approx 1.5-2hrs: 3 photos retouched included

$700 - 4 Looks
approx 2-2.5hrs hrs: 4 photos retouched included

$775 - 5 Looks 
approx 2.5-3 hrs: 5 photos retouched included

$850 - 6 looks
approx 3 - 3.5 hrs: 6 photos retouched included

$925 - 7 looks
3.5-4 hrs: great for combining headshots + PR/Branding/Website images

7 photos retouched included



Pricing Per Hour (Best for Beauty, Lifestyle, and Tests): PER PERSON

If you're the type of person who can whip through looks quickly, you can pay per hour. 

It gives you flexibility if there is a look you want to try out, but don't want to dedicate a lot of time on during the session. More variety to swap out outfits and backgrounds as time allows. Time begins when we start shooting. You must still be realistic: We really can't cram 872 outfits into one hour. 

Each 30 min overtime is charged accordingly. 

$560 for the first hour

$150 for each hour after that

Retouching included: 2 photo included with each hour (for typical headshot retouching). Then, $40/photo after. 

*Returning clients receive a discount on sessions. Please inquire.