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Preparing for your shoot:


Have payment ready. There is not an ATM close to the studio. I take cash, check, or credit card. Credit Cards have a 3.5% fee.  I can also do Zelle or Venmo.  


Bring more than you need. I will help you choose what will look best on camera. Current "trend": Depends on the actor, but definitely your own style. Unless you're super character-y, you don't need to do anything, well, character-y.

"GROOMING" - Digital cameras don't hide anything. If you need to shave, wax, tweeze, trim nose hairs, etc, please do it. If you need to re-dye your hair: give yourself at least a week prior to the shoot. If you're cutting your hair, also give yourself at least a week. Any major hair changes: the more time the better. No end of times I've had reschedules because something went terribly wrong.

If you would like to work with a wardrobe consultant before your shoot, I recommend Gina Novish: www.impactstyling.com
Definitely not a requirement or expectation.


NON-ACTORS: If you’re not getting actor headshots, ignore the “character type" info. Bring wardrobe and accessories that you love and feel great in. That’s really the only requirement, although the same tip applies with going with great colors and saying no to wide stripes. You can layer and get creative as well, or be classic and simple, depending on your personality. 

ACTORS: Have fun with your colors, layers, and personality within the wardrobe. Bring a variety of options for us to choose from. Layering is great (jackets, vests, etc).  I'm not opposed to any particular colors unless it looks terrible with your skin tone. 

Logos, patterns, stripes: I won't know until I see it. Some logos are totally fine (huge corporations typically not, i.e. Nike). Graphic tees are generally a-okay. Stripes: small stripes are typically okay. Wide stripes: probably not. 

Women: Typically minimal jewelry, if any, unless for character type (pearls = upscale). If it's a small necklace you wear every single day, I am typically open to it for at least one look.

Men: Suit and tie are good to bring if you’re late-20s or older, but there are other ways of going "business casual" as well. Also, consider doing shaven and unshaven during your session for the most variety. 

In general for actors: think of the roles or types of TV/Film you’d like to market yourself for and bring clothing that suites those types, but infused with your own personality (don't "put on" a type, I need you to own it, for lack of better phrase). The “google guy” is going to dress differently than the “Walking Dead” guy. You know? 

The trend in commercial casting is headshots with personality, not just generic “colgate smiles.” Theatrically, we’ve got to see your personality, too. Something that makes casting want to work with you. Be approachable (unless, you're... not.... and then we'll make that work for you, too). 

Please take out "should" and "someone told me I have to..." from your vocab. Everyone is an expert in this industry, and those experts don't always know what's best for you. There's no magic formula. What is always consistently a good idea is being honest with yourself.

What's your version of the procedural character? What's your version of the edgy/gritty look? If you don't own a leather jacket, for the love of God, don't feel pressured in buying one just for headshots. If you're not quirky, please don't think you have to show up with a pair of black framed glasses and a plaid shirt. Make sense?