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Scroll down for recommendations, but first, a novel:

Hiring a HMU stylist is not a requirement. Do your own, by all means! I would rather you do your own than hire someone who is less than stellar. 

Do you need a hair stylist or a makeup artist? It’s completely up to you. It's not required. I can retouch any blemishes, stray hairs, and a list of other “issues,” so keep that in mind! All I ask is LOOK LIKE YOU, either way.

Clients with facial hair: you have the option of shaving at any point during your shoot if you'd like.

If you style your hair differently depending on the character (curly and straight), then we can do that in-between looks. You're allowed to bring your curling iron/straightener and make adjustments as you need.

If you choose to hire a HMU artist or groomer for your session: I highly recommend any of the following artists below. It's easier for me if you hire someone from my recommendations, as they know how I work and how the light is in the studio.

Either way, please let me know if you are hiring someone; I'll need to know for scheduling purposes. It usually adds 2 hrs onto your total session time. I only charge you for actual shooting time; hair and makeup time is charged separately by the stylist.

You can hire outside this list, as well, but: 

*Here's what I always tell people who want to bring their own makeup artist instead of using one of the artists I'm recommending: Please make sure whoever you're hiring knows how to do headshot makeup. And that you've worked with them before. 

There's a huge difference between beauty, glam, and headshot makeup. It's much more work on my end to work with a MUA who doesn't know the difference, and it's more of a headache for you in the long run if you don't hire someone who can make quick changes and adjust to lighting as needed.

So, please, please, please make sure whoever you're hiring isn't going to have a problem maneuvering through these things. You need to hire someone with absolutely no ego, too; someone who you can be brutally honest with if you don't like something they do. And who also will respect my requests if I need something changed.

If you hire someone who adds a lot of time to our shoot trying to communicate with them, and therefore interferes with my other shoots, it's within reason to charge extra for my time and headache. 

Contact the artists directly for more information.  It’s up to you to contact them and let me know who you’re planning on hiring.

*All of these artists do headshot hair, makeup, and men’s grooming. ALL are equally wonderful, and I have no favorites.

If you have certain concerns, ask them directly about your situation. This is why I have you contact them directly so you can make the decision based on who seems to fit best for you.  While not all their sites are geared toward headshot makeup, you can request headshot examples from them, or trust that I wouldn't have them on my list if they weren't amazing at natural headshot makeup for all skin tones and ages.

In no particular order:

Karishma Ahluwahlia Douglas
Instagram: @makeup_by_karishma
(310) 998-7286
*affordable and wonderfully nurturing with a great sense of humor. Fellow actor: totally gets it

Brigette Jackson

(310) 720-7620
Instagram: @brigettepaintsfaces
*her instagram doesn't do her justice. She's amazing, but can't be bothered with IG because she works primarily off referral. Has worked at Fox TV for over 30 years. I can send you examples of her headshot work if you need further convincing, but she wouldn't be on this list if she wasn't stellar.

Jayme Kavanaugh 
(505) 920-1527

Instagram: @jaymekav 

*getting busier with agency work

Kristine Lisman

(310) 248-0142
Instagram: @makeup_by_kristine_
*busy busy schedule but catch her in advance

Alexandra Bayless

Instagram: @alexandrabayless

Candace Miller 

Instagram: @candacemillermakeup

Marissa Cydya - HAIR ONLY and MEN's GROOMING 

Instagram: @marissacydya